LVN and LPN Nursing

Licensed Vocational Nurses are an intrinsic part of the health care system today. As an LVN (the equivalent of an LPN or licensed practical nurse), one is expected to look after sick and disabled individuals, usually while being supervised by attending physicians and registered nurses (RNs). In order to become an LVN, one must at the least attend about a one year course of instruction. This can be completed at number of different institutions including junior colleges, technical institutes and training centers, online programs (for the classroom portion of instruction), and community colleges. While it is possible to take classes on the internet, some instruction on technique can only occur in a real life setting. After completely the coursework, one will need to pass a licensing exam administered through the state nursing board. Once the test is completed, they will then provide you with the license to practice.


Once certified, there are a vast number of positions which can be applied for. Although the pursuit of the license is quite enjoyable, the job itself is the ultimate reward and will provide a lifetime of satisfaction. LVNs perform most every type of nursing job imaginable, from being a travel nurse to working in a retirement community. There is truly a job for every personality and for every person. Nursing homes, hospitals, office clinics, and many other locales are almost always looking to hire new nursing graduates. The turnover and growth of the profession means as an LVN, you will always be in high demand.

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