Job Openings

LVN nursing jobs have been opening up at record rates lately, and that growth is only expected to increase in the coming years. There has been a relative explosion in nursing technology, allowing new opportunities for many. Contributing factors to this growth include a tightening of health care budgets in per capita spending, since nursing care can be relatively cheaper than other forms of treatment from physicians and medical assistants. Furthermore, with an added emphasis by the population at large on home health care, nurses are now able to master new technology that makes sustainable reliable treatment a reality. Lastly, nursing demand has increased because the population continues to get older, meaning that more need care.


Because of rising health care costs, nurses who are traditionally paid less than physicians are being given more and more responsibilities. Qualified and competent nurses can perform the same tasks as higher paid doctors at a fraction of the cost, thus it makes sense that health care providers such as clinics and hospitals are clamoring after their services. While it is unfortunate that we nurses will not be paid as much as we should be, the advantage is that we get to partake in a greater range of treatment and have the satisfaction of more autonomy and responsibility.

Home Health Care

If you are interested in providing home health care, now is a fantastic time to be an LVN. Recent advances in science have meant all manner of equipment, formerly used only in hospitals, is now available in the comfort of one's own home. Qualified and well trained nurses who can use this equipment are in high demand. There are a number of home nurse agencies across the country who are constantly hiring to meet this growing demand. Contact your alumni group or training program to find out which jobs are available in your area.

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