Finding Training

Becoming a licensed vocational nurse requires classes and training that lasts for about twelve months. Depending on your interests and desires (for example, should you wish to pursue an associate's degree), the program can take up to two years as a full time student. If you are working during the school year, then you may well be looking at an even longer time frame. However, do not be discouraged. Many quality options exist for online nurse training and they can provide you with the book learning needed to pass your licensing exam and become a full LVN. However, before option for online courses, make sure that the provider is a legitimate one and that they will be recognized by your state licensing board. The state board will ultimately be the one granting you the right to practice medicine.

Nursing Schools

One can get their nursing education at a number of facilities across the nation. Typically, LVN students attend training at a community or junior college, a vocational school, a technical institute, or some other educational establishment. Community and junior colleges offer several advantages, as they allow one to proceed at his or her own pace and pay by the unit. Be careful not to take too many classes at once however, because they most definitely do not offer refunds for failed courses. Many community schools and JCs also have extensive alumni networks that can help you find a job. Going this route also means you can get an associate's degree if you so choose.

Nurse Classes

The alternative pathway is to go through a training program. These have a few advantages as well, namely you may save money going this route and there is the potential for more practical experience. Either way, you will need a high school diploma or the equivalent to go either of the two routes. Perhaps the biggest factor in favor of this choice is a greater emphasis on job placement after graduation. Ultimately however, you will be the one responsible for finding a job of your liking, so don't expect someone else to do the heavy lifting for you.

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