A career in nursing is one of the most fulfilling imaginable. As a nurse, you are responsible for taking care of the sick, ill, and needy and playing a huge role in getting people back on their feet. There are few, if any, jobs that can be critically looked at as more important than that of an LVN. You are on the front line, fighting for your patients and quite literally saving their lives. But beyond the personal satisfaction and enjoyment of the profession, one must also consider what kind of lifestyle to expect. Fortunately, while not the most lucrative of professions, being a nurse is quite rewarding from a financial perspective as well. Strong labor unions ensure that not only will you enjoy a good salary and advancement opportunities should you desire them, but one can also expect a generous benefits package including health care, dental, workers compensation and adequate vacation, personal, and sick leave.


In 2006, there were seven hundred and forty nine thousand licensed practical and vocational nursing jobs in the United States. That number is expected to grow by fourteen percent in the ten years following, to eight hundred and fifty four thousand by the year 2016. Obviously, that is some massive growth. Over one hundred thousand nurses will need to be added to the workforce, meaning that now is a great time to be entering or already established in the nursing profession.

Best Paying Jobs

The average nursing salary was $36,550 in 2006, but this figure is expected to rise as well with the growing demand. Ten percent of all nurses earned well over fifty thousand dollars. The highest paying jobs were found via employment services and nursing care facilities, which average out to forty thousand dollars per year. Naturally, a strong background, living in high cost of living areas, and working overtime and holidays all contribute to a higher earning potential. Home care represents the fastest growing sector of nursing jobs, and while the salaries are in the middle range, they provide a unique opportunity to explore an emerging area of health care. The greater autonomy is appealing to many as well. Regardless of which type of nursing you practice, you can be sure LVNs will continue to be paid well for their efforts.

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