Becoming a good licensed vocational nurse requires steadfast adherence to classroom education. Different people excel at different parts of the training, but in order to be successful you simply must be able to perform well in your classes. Doing so will ensure that you have your pick of jobs upon completion of the program and passage of the licensing exam. Most people do not enjoy reading, homework, and studying for exams, but you must accept this as part of your necessary learning process.


Before getting started, it is recommended that you obtain a high school diploma or GED. In high school, try to emphasize courses such as chemistry and biology, as these will be the basic building blocks of your later studies in the form of biochemistry, physiology, anatomy, and other classes. While there are some online training courses that do not require this, most legitimate offerings do, and it will be worth it to make you a more attractive hire. Your education is one of the biggest factors in your early jobs, because you will not have had much experience. Later on, recommendations and work history will form the larger part of the criteria upon which you are evaluated.


Once you're ready to begin your nursing classes, you'll be met with a dizzying array of subjects. Classes like anatomy, pharmacology (the study of drugs and their effects on humans), and physiology prove to be challenging for almost everyone. Do not underestimate the amount of time it will take to succeed in these courses. They require an earnest commitment in both time and energy and will prove challenging. At some institutions, these courses are made even more difficult in order to effectively 'weed out' candidates who are not tough enough to make it as LVNs. Keep your nose in the books, work hard, and when you finish, you'll be all set to land the nursing job of your dreams.

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