Places to Work

LVNs have many choices when it comes to where one wants to work. The first thing to recognize, which may be good or bad depending on your perspective, is that nursing is a twenty-four hour, seven day a week enterprise. There is simply no time of the day or night when your services won't be needed somewhere. This doesn't mean that you'll have to work terrible hours or on holidays, it just means that the possibility is there. Some individuals actually prefer those shifts as they can mean hefty bonuses and overtime pay. On the other hand, if you are signing up to a smaller service, as a new hire you may well be expected to put in time when you don't want as a means of paying your dues. It really depends on where your nursing job is.

Clinic and Office Settings

The most traditional LVN jobs are found in clinical and office settings. These include hospitals, affiliated and private doctor offices, nursing homes, including skilled care facilities, and private nursing companies which offer home health care. Many of these positions are very physically demanding, so one should expect to be on their feet much of the time. To help counter this, comfortable and healthy footwear is an absolute necessity. A good nurse is in good physical condition, which helps one to cope not only with the physical rigors but also the mental challenges faced every day in the work environment.


When you're not running around as a nurse, you can expect to be surrounded by plenty of red tape. There is always paper work that needs to be filled out, from the most basic vital sign recordings to more complicated insurance and billing forms. The degree to which you are responsible for this bureaucracy varies from place to place, but almost no one can escape it entirely. It's just one of the necessary evils that have to be dealt with in a nursing career.

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